Content Ideas for Sea of Thieves

Lately, Rare hasn't really made it easy to be optimistic and excited about the future. But since you shouldn't always just complain and suggestions for solutions are more effective, I thought I would simply present three spontaneous ideas about how you could introduce content into Sea of Thieves relatively easily. Maybe Rare will read it at some point and steal an idea or two 😉 That's why, for once, this news is also available in English.



Ships from the Past

Ship convoys occasionally spawn through rifts in the Sea of the Damned and are visible on the world map. These ships travel a certain distance before disappearing through another crack. Sometimes the convoys consist of just two or three galleons, but sometimes there are also powerful Man'O'War with brigs as escort. The route is clearly visible on the world map, so players always know how much time they have left. The fight consists of two phases.

In the first phase, the ships are protected by a ghostly shell, which the players first have to penetrate with cannon fire. The convoys always consist of a loot ship and various escort ships. If the players have done enough damage to the loot ship's ghostly protective bubble, the bubble above the hull will dissolve and the ship will be unable to move (masts will break off completely to the left and right of the ship). The escort ships will completely disband at that moment if they have not been defeated before.

In the second phase you have to board this wreck and defeat various waves of phantoms until at the end the boss comes out of the previously locked captain's cabin. After his death you can recover the treasures from the cabin. The ship then disintegrates spectacularly.

You can bet on generic ships (alternatingly merchant ships, gold collector ships, etc.) and bosses, as well as well-known ships from SoT history, such as the Ashen Dragon, Morningstar, Silver Blade or LeChuck. Since these ships would only be echoes of the past due to the mysterious background of the Sea of the Damned, you could also get Jack Sparrow with the Black Pearl as a very rare opponent. At special events like Halloween, you could also compete against the Flying Dutchman or the Ferryman.




Guild Hideout

Guilds receive their own instanced island (either in the Sea of the Damned or in the Sea of Tribute), which they can gradually expand with buildings and attractions. Players can choose from a few island types, which differ visually. You can choose between an Athena and a Reaper optic, which can no longer be reversed.

All guild members can enter this hideout directly from the main menu and interact freely with each other there. Crews can then be spontaneously formed there (e.g. at a harbor/jetty). These crews are then transferred to the open game world and appear at one of the outpost portals. Ships can also travel to the hideout at any time (without loot) through a portal.

All guilds start with a relatively run-down tavern, which they have to rebuild with resources. This can either be done purely through gold donations, or members must also hand in a certain amount of wood, silk or other trade goods to a new guild representative NPC. With this NPC you can also donate gold and doubloons to the guild, or the guild charges a tax of x percent, which goes directly into the guild bank every time a treasure is sold to a dealer.

The island can be expanded with various buildings (treasury, cellar warehouse, guild hall, dueling area) in various expansion levels (shabby wood, valuable wood, stone). Representatives of various companies, or special things such as a fair including a platforming challenge, could be rented for a certain period of time or appear seasonally. The expansion levels of the treasury and the basement storage would determine the storage capabilities of the respective resources.

Blueprints for the various buildings could be unlocked through guild achievements. You would either have to have played a certain amount of gold collector missions or found a certain amount of gold in order to be able to build or expand the treasury. Each trading company could thus indirectly represent its own building. The guild hall would be expandable depending on the guild level, but would require enormous resources. Of course, there would be various decoration places to individualize the hiding place for yourself as a guild.

Guild Hideout Idea

Example of a possible Hideout Isle
Source: Reddit

Quest Board 2.0

Since a guild hideout should be extremely resource-heavy, the guild could buy or sell resources on a revised quest board. The Quest Board would thus take on the function of an auction house. This would also support smaller guilds, as well as give non-guild players something to do to make gold.

You can still sell buried treasure maps in this auction house, and depending on the value of the treasures, you will receive a certain value of random resources directly from the auctioneer. Other players then buy these orders in return, for example to unlock blueprints (achieve a value of X of treasures handed in).



Further ideas

  • Cross-session guild chat
  • Saveable loadouts for clothing and ship sets
  • Mini games like cards or dices
  • Drink and toast while sitting, gesturing while talking
  • Outposts populated by NPCs
  • Aquatic wildlife with jellyfish, dolphins and whales (cannot be killed, dive if damaged)
  • A weight system for fish. The heavier the more valuable. There is also a new type of journal with the values of the thickest variants caught so far.
  • A real captain's logbook with entries that you wrote yourself. Visible in the guild history for all guild members.
  • A calendar system for the guild with planned events
  • Monthly activity of guild members visible to guild leaders
  • Fishing with explosive barrels (higher chance for trash)
  • PvP duels with my teammates (1vs1, 2vs2)
  • New area (Sea of the Damned)
  • Monthly activity of guild members visible to guild leaders
  • Various ship designs (Caribbean, Asian, European) to choose from
  • A traveling circus that always offers various competitions (speed run challenge, shooting competition)
  • Normal shipwrecks now also have air bubbles to breathe
  • The Kraken only leaves the loot bundled in one place after its defeat
  • Crab crawlers only appear on land extremely rarely, but can attack a ship at sea as a kind of mini-event (boarding)


Come on Rare, you used to have much better ideas than you do today. And above all, certainly much bigger visions for the game. We know that you can do it, which is why we have been playing this game for years. Unfortunately, you've been slacking off quite a bit lately. But we still believe in you. Wake up and make the Sea of Thieves bigger than it ever was!